Warranties & Claims


Dear Customer, 
It's really important for us and our Partners that you get satisfied working with us and our Florists members. We assure you that all your orders will be followed with competence and professionalism and your flowers and compositions will always be packaged with care by our Florists. All your orders will be handled carefully.

We also guarantee that:
• Each one of our Florists has attended to specific courses, also counting on a long experience in this field.
• Deliveries will be always sent on the day you have selected.
• There will be not price changes from those published on our website www.fleurworld.com.

If you were not satisfied at all with our service, you may send us a note at the customer.service@fleurworld.com e-mail address, no later than 2 days after the delivery date.

In case of complaints about the quality of flowers delivered by our Florists, please send us an email with a picture of the flowers. This is needed in order for us to assess the quality and freshness of our compositions and the work of our members. Actually, FleurWorld - International Flowers S.L. shall be held legally responsible for any kind of errors committed by our Florists Members (including but not limited to errors in the compilation of tapes or tickets, omissions and oversights, etc.).

In any case FleurWorld International Flowers S.L. shall give back the Client an amount exceeding the floreal composition price of purchase.

For further informations or comments please contact us at customer.service@fleurworld.com.

Thank you for your confidence

FleurWorld - International Flowers S.L. Team