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A floral bouquet is traditionally the best gift to give someone and greatly please him or her. A floral gift is especially appreciated by women. Floral bouquets may be of various kinds. More often, however, floral bouquets, are tailor made for the gift recipient. Depending on who is going to receive it, the bouquet takes a specific shape, size and colour. These attributes are chosen to best express the donor's feelings and to find a way to the recipient's heart. 

24 Red RosesTailor made bouquets may be composed of exotic flowers, for an amazing gaudy effect, or may be based on a bunch of roses. Roses are the most popular floral gift, either as part of a mixed flowers bouquet or a simple bunch of red roses.

Roses have always been a synonym for love. Despite this, they have been gifted for all sorts of events and occasions as well. A bunch of birthday flowers may just be composed of roses. However it may also be a combination of roses and seasonal mixed flowers or irises or lilies or, why not, colorful small roses.

Birthday is a cheerful anniversary. It may be celebrated with any kind of floral gift. Any flower is good as a birthday present, as long as it meets the personal disposition and the tastes of the gift's recipient. 

Happy BouquetColourful compositions may be made of roses, dahlias or carnations. Compositions may be presented as a flowers bouquet, as a simple bouquet of wildflowers, or even as particular flowers such as Periwinkle, Rousseau's favourite flower.

Every day, many flower bouquets and flower arrangements are gifted and sent all over the world. Florists keep creating new kinds of floral compositions by employing various techniques they have learned by attending to professional courses.

Thanks to those courses, florists don't just learn how to package a floral gift as a bunch or as a flowers bouquet, but also how to match certain kinds of flowers with others, how to measure out the best chromatic combinations and how many flowers are best used to convey the most appropriate message for the floral gift recipient.

Birthdays are one of the best suited events for a floral gift. A bunch of flowers for birthday is made of several kinds of flowers, sometimes plants, so to best match the guest of honour's disposition.

Phalaenopsis OrchidOrchids are some of the best flowers for celebrating an important person. A bunch of roses is the best gift for the loved one; a basket of coloured flowers is a nice idea for a cheerful-tempered person.

Almost all the flowers are good for celebrating a birthday. Flowers' intrinsic meaning is not really significant for this anniversary.

Iris as a birthday present is not just a good wishes flower. It is also a flower good to wish having hope, faith, wishing good news.

Colourful small roses are used as a birthday present as well. They are excellent for preparing tailor made bouquets for this anniversary.

Roses usually get gifted in amounts matching the guest of honour's age. Because of this, it's best advised to not gift bunches of roses to an advanced age recipient. Gifting lilies is a better idea: they mean: "pure and unconditional love".

Other commonly gifted birthday flowers are dahlias and gardenias. Dahlias mean: "many happy returns!". Gardenias express sympathy feelings, thanks to their intensely perfumed, large yellow or white flowers.