General Term & Conditions


Dear Customer,

any order will be forwarded immediately to the nearest Florist. Our customer service is available at this e-mail address: We look forward to any questions about your flowers order and we shall provide any other information you want. Before contacting us, please have the order number and delivery date on hand.


In order to have a guarantee of proper execution of your order, make sure that:
• In case of deliveries in hospitals, fill in the "Additional Notes" edit box, stating the room number, the bed number and always indicate the name by which the recipient is registered.
• In case of delivery in hotels specify the name under which the recipient is registered and indicate, if possible, the room number.
• In case of deliveries in churches always fill in the exact name and address of the church.

Flowers prices change continuously throughout the year. Significant prices increases may be found during holidays such as Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Woman's Day and Christmas. Prices may also vary from State to State and, within the Italian territory, between region and region.
The prices quoted in our catalog are always up to date for a given delivery date.
All prices are already including taxes, delivery charges and FleurWorld - International Flowers S.L. shipping fees.


We have made available the functionality of converting currencies so you can quickly learn about the real amount you are going to spend.


FleurWorld - International Flowers S.L., thanks to its network of italian Florists and international trading partners, can deliver your floral homage to the recipient within a few hours and in every part of the world! Because of time zone differences and shops opening hours in each country, we can guarantee same day delivery as long as the destination country time zone is within 3 hours of GTM and as long as the order is placed no later than 12.30PM GMT.
Deliveries on Sundays and public holidays are never guaranteed!


Please always double check that both yours and recipient's telephone numbers are correct and include the appropriate international prefix! We can not accept any responsibility for delays or missed delivery due to missing or incorrect addresses and phone numbers. 
Orders providing incorrect information or missing recipient number shall not be eligible for refund.

Shortly after placing each of your orders, you will receive a confirmation e-mail containing:
1. Order number
2. Detailed informations about the product purchased
3. Amount
4. Delivery date
5. Sender's name, last name, telephone number and e-mail address
6. Recipient full details.

Please check that your e-mail address is correct! If you don't receive the order confirmation e-mail in a couple of minutes, please contact our Customer Service by writing to:


It is possible that the floral homage you selected is not currently available from all the Florists in the world, especially in case of same day orders. Our Florists will replace the flowers you have chosen with a variety of alternatives that matches the flowers and color quality you choose as much as possible. In the same way, the gadgets of some flower arrangements outlined in the catalog are not always available (champagne bottle, wine, chocolates, etc.), therefore a suitable replacement will be made in case of unavailability of the product.
All types of compositions available for purchase on our online catalog have no flowerpot!

Upon receipt of your order, our Florist will phone the recipient to agree on delivery terms. In case the recipient is unreachable by phone, the Florist may choose to leave a voice message on the answering machine if any, with the request to be contacted soon.

The Florist will not proceed to the delivery if it's impossible to reach the recipient by phone!

In the event that leads to a telephone appointment with the recipient and for any reason the latter does not honor the commitment, the Florist may also proceed in carrying out the delivery and leave the floral homage to a third person with the necessary requisites to deliver it to the recipient (in example, the reception, the concierge, the funeral home, a neighbor, the pastor, etc.). In case the Florist could not contact the recipient, and no person could collect the floral homage on his behalf, the Florist itself will leave a "Receipt of non-delivery" in the recipient's mailbox and shall notify us about the inability to deliver. For floreal homages deliveries to Funeral and burial chambers in churches where it is not possible to sign a receipt, the floral homage will be appropriately delivered when filing in church or in the morgue. In case the floral homage is collected by a third person (priest, sacristan, hospital staff, etc.), the delivery shall be considered concluded and successful as soon as such third person will take it.

In case the customer refuses, without valid reason, the flowers delivered by our Florist, such Florist shall still be entitled to be paid in full for the delivery.

FleurWorld - International Flowers S.L. shall not take any responsibility for any floral gifts theft occurring at delivery location nor for missed delivery by part of third parties who collected them but did not deliver them as agreed to the Florist.


The time of delivery is guaranteed for funerals and weddings only! In these cases, please specify the exact time of delivery in the "Additional Notes". For all the other cases the delivery time shall just instruct us to deliver the floral homage within the working day. We shall do our best to fulfil any indication about delivering by the morning or by the afternoon. Churches deliveries will be completed 30 to 90 minutes before the funeral starts.
FleurWorld - International Flowers S.L. Team