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Send flowers online, quick worldwide delivery!

FleurWorld is your trusted, worldwide online flowers delivery service. FleurWorld lets you have your flowers delivered while comfortably sitting on your sofa. You may order via WEB, via smartphone or, if you prefer, from one of the many FleurWorld affiliated florists.
FleurWorld delivers your floral gifts all over the world, quickly and reliably. You may send a beautiful bunch of roses, a delightful gift composed of three or six roses and a teddy bear, a delicious mixed flowers bouquet or an elegant floral composition. FleurWorld floral compositions are available in several packages, including bowls, baskets, bunches, branches and plants. FleurWorld lets you send flowers and plants for all the occasions: wedding flowers, birthday flowers, flowers for funeral celebrations, baptism and christening flowers, communion and confirmation flowers.


There are many holidays throughout the year and each of them got its most appropriate flowers.

By tradition, the Christmas flower is the Christmas Star. Christmas Stars may be red, pink or white. Other floral compositions make for good Christmas gifts as well: red and white colored floral and roses compositions, bouquets and centerpieces.

Easter is Christianity's eldest holiday. There are a lot of flowers that make for very good Easter gifts: tulips, lilies, callas and orchids.

Each February 14th we ask ourselves: "what should I gift to my love?". Along with chocolates, flowers are one of the most traditional Saint Valentine gifts. It's important to pick the right kind of flower. Each flower represents an unique message, it's a "green ticket" with a precise meaning. Furthermore, the kind of flower varies depending on whether the gift is for a man or a woman.

Women's Day is the other important holiday when it's best to send a floral gift to a woman. The holiday's classic present is the mimosa but it's common to gift roses of any color and shape as well.

Last but not least, we have Mother's Day. On most countries, this holiday falls on the second Sunday of May but the exact date differs a lot depending on country. Most common floral gifts for Mother's day are: roses, orchids, tulips, daisies, dahlias, callas, azaleas. They are best delivered with a small note or a short piece of poetry.

Our catalog

FleurWorld lets you choose your favourite flowers from our comprehensive catalog of products. While the most common floral gift is a roses bouquet, it's also possible to send flowers or plants. They are an excellent present throughout the year, not just during holidays. FleurWorld lets you send flowers packaged with boxes of chocolates, bottles of sparkling wine or colorful balloons.

Our catalog features all sorts of floral gifts, including green and blooming plants.


Reliability and convenience

FleurWorld International Flowers is a synonim of reliability, convenience, high quality and courtesy. FleurWorld handpicks its network of local florists, so they offer an high quality service to our customers, both at packaging and delivering floral gifts. The local florists network capillarity guarantees reliability and commitment to deliver their work, both at national and international scale.

Every FleurWorld florist attends to professional courses and learns new tecniques that reflect into his handicraft. Because of this, every mixed flowers bouquet and every roses bouquet show as original and unique, further enriching FleurWorld's products catalog.

Red flowers, pink flowers, exotic flowers, green flowers: we employ all sorts of colors and create new compositions for our customers to enjoy! What about plants? We let you choose between many awesome floral gifts: green and red anthurium, cymbidium, phalaenopsis, ficus benjamin, dracaena marginata, spathiphyllum, kentia, azalea and yucca.